• To Die For Portugal Nazaré - Lisboneye


“Portugal is beautiful, compelling, tasty, profound, sunny – to me, this is a country so unique and extraordinary it’s simply to die for. I decided to share a couple of my favourite places through pictures taken by my partner-in-crime www.yvescallewaert.com – those spots I consider for various reasons ‘to die for’. So you’ll see me ‘dying’ in every picture, in awe of so much beauty, only to happily resurrect each time, and go on to discover even more amazing places in this Wonderland. Enjoy the pictures, buy the book and if you would decide to visit Portugal: book me as your exclusive travel companion who connects you with the quality of life this country still has in abundance.”
Vos is a historian and a journalist who was born and raised in Belgium, and who stayed in great places all over the globe while traveling for work and pleasure. Now she calls Portugal home. She’s been exploring her new Wonderland for many years now and keeps on discovering new delights she likes to share. Hence her travel companion services through www.lisboneye.eu and hence her personal photo travel guide To Die For Portugal. Feel welcome to explore what’s beyond tourism.
 All pictures © Studio Yves Callewaert