‘To Die For: Portugal’ is a guide for people who like to travel the way I do: happily drifting and meandering through the landscape, hitting the road with only a vague goal in mind (“let’s head North”) and ending up at a table with locals. Often we accidentally discovered hidden gems, were brought to absolutely fabulous places by locals, or found ourselves suddenly in the middle of breath-taking landscapes. I want to share all this through our book.

We are currently running a crowdfunding campaign through our publisher and Indiegogo to enable us to edit, print and distribute the book worldwide. You can help us to achieve this! Through your donation, you are doing yourself a favour too: good karma, ánd you’ll achieve a couple of great awards.I gently invite you to read all about it here or here and to support To Die For: Portugal!

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All pictures © Studio Yves Callewaert